We are all just prisoners here

- of our own device

and I push the "do not push the button" button...
23 August
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+ fandom isn't everything. but it's right up there with oxygen.

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+ I am older than 18.
LJ will therefore let me look at all the porn unless they didn't like certain fanart and deleted it without warning.

+ friend and defriend all you want


+ this journal is probably NSFW

+ english is not my first language, so my spelling and grammar is sometimes off. It's no excuse, so I'm totally not above expecting others to do better.


+ previous fandoms: harry potter | naruto | bandom | ai8 | supernatural | j2

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+ LJ memories (fic & art recs of old fandoms / random)


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+ syn·thase |ˈsinˌθās; -ˌθāz|: an enzyme that catalyzes the linking together of two molecules

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