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J. K interview on unmentioned canon matter

For all those addicted to HP canon, I give you a link to what J.K says happens post DH, and other canon stuff.

It definitely has some interesting information about the futures of the HP cast after Voldemort's downfall.
And she states quite clearly that

Teddy is not a werewolf.
2. "Harry's faults are primarily anger and occasional arrogance".
3. Harry can't speak parseltongue no more....
4. George could have a magical ear if he wanted.
5. She denotes global warming to the decrease in Dementors.
6. Regulus's change of heart was due to Voldemort's attempt to kill Kreacher.
7. Narcissa never had the Dark Mark.
8. Harry eventually owns Sirius's bike.
9. Draco, "whom misfortune has sobered!".
10. about the H/D relationship: "Real friendship would be out of the question, though. Too much had happened prior to the final battle." Well, J.K., we were never really bothered about friendship all that much :P
the following about Sirius, which had me rolling: "J.K. Rowling: Thank you very much, Camille, and I'm sorry about Sirius. That man's got a lot of fans. ... Mostly female, I might add." Mostly, eh? Oh J.K you slasher, you.

Ah, that was quite educational :P
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Let's follow Sasuke's scent, indeed a.k.a. Naruto 364

Not that I believed it till now. Passed it off as fannish invention. I have been converted: Tobi = Obito.
*stays dead*

Also, everyone wants a piece of Sasuke's arse. And the only thing he's letting close to it is a great big purple bow.


Kishimoto ships Naruto/Sasuke like woah.
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See you sunday

spoilers here, spoilers there, spoilers every-fucking-where.

And if it's not spoilers it's offers to download the book. I don't even want that, yet it's tempting since I want to know what happens, dammit. However, it lacks a certain sense of style.

BUT I want the whole experience. Want to squee when the book arrives, hold it and make notes, curl up and be so bloody into it I forget to eat the whole day. I'm really looking forward to it AND I ACTUALLY LIKE THE ANTICIPATION.

Therefore, to curb further temptation I'll be back Sunday.

And by god, my otp better still be subtext-canon then.
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On Luna/Evanna

So, saw the OotP movie, wasn't horribly impressed but that's ok. I wasn't the biggest fan of the movies to begin with. I have my eyes set on book 7 to be too distracted by much lately.

However, one lovely thing about the movie apart from me drooling heavily over Lucius o.O was Luna. I adored her. She's even more lovely because of this which popped up on my friends page. Gotta love a girl who's into fandom.
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Hogfather & Driving Lessons

1.  OK, who of you knew there was a Discworld movie and didn't tell me, eh?
Well, three actually. Two animations (Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music) and Hogfather which I just downloaded. It's actually pretty entertaining, though I only watched half of it. I do that a lot with movies.
And finally there's a movie that made a magical/whatever eye look creepy. Because let's face it, Moody's in GoF was more laughable than anything else, imao.

No one of you would happen to have the Discworld animations and would be prepared to share them, would you? And if you ask, I'm sure I can give you a nod in the directions of the Hogfather downloads^^ (and I hope MegaUpload works for you)
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2.  Also, since I was in the procrastinating spirit, I watched Driving Lessons with Rupert Grint. He is just so very sweet in an awkward role, you have to love him. Plus, he can act better than others *cough* >_>
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"When the shit hits the fan, get a tent."

And with those fine words of wisdom I will take my leave. I believe a bathtub full of steaming hot water is calling my name =D

PS:        Oh. My. God... 11 days *faints*
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I totally stole this quiz from kasche. OK, so the first spoiler of doom was a bit disturbing, involving Voldemort, Harry and MPreg due to a candlestick. Uhm, yeah.

Then I got this, and omg that's just not fair *sniffs*

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Draco Malfoy is killed by Harry in a scene which will make you weep for days
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom
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I just lost my Macintosh virginity got my first ever Macbook... I... am speechless and weirdly reluctant to unpack... Goodbye Microsoft.
*unpacks and stares at teh shiny*

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So, how was your day?

Mine, you ask? Oh splendid.

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All in all, it was just a shitty day. On the upside, I had a good laugh about Bush having his watch stolen. *cackles*

PS: Sorry for the self-pity wallowing and whining. I'll get over it. As an excuse, please accept H-Eichi's "Pink Sniper" doujinshi from the Death Note fandom. Regardless of whether you know anything about it or not, check it out. Very, very hot. Owns my soul, and all that. If you like the art in these icons by avataresque check out the above link ;):
by avataresque by avataresque by avataresque by avataresque
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(no subject)

OK, so I haven't read any HP fic since end of last year. It was just getting too much.

So, I went on hiatus, spread out into the anime fandom and read Loveless, Death Note and Naruto fic.

And that's the dilemma, really. HP-fandom has spoiled me rotten. Yeah, there is an abundance of fic in general, and like 90% is no good, but the sheer volume of the fandom has you reading your whole life, while good stuff is being added on a daily basis.

I mean, I just stopped reading 7 (!) consecutive Naruto fics that had been recced, because they were so very bad. The authors have great ideas, sure. But POV-jumps seems to be an epidemic. Epithets litter the fandom ground to an extend that you have to read a sentence three times to get what's happening. And I can't believe people still don't use spellchecker and beta readers.

Ah well. I'll arrange the fics I've read and liked and hopefully rec them soon. Because regardless of how small a fandom, there are always those authors that cause me to get giddy like a fandom-virgin and squeal and love fanfiction all over again ♥

Also, I might just be ready for that H/D fic to take me back to HP fandom

Aaaand, if anyone is interested in the movie Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children in two parts, Japanese with English subtitles, drop me a line. Also, MU should work for you.