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ficlet rec

=> Finally back home, taking a break from uni and enjoying the holiday. However, regardless of how far in advance I give the internet service provider the heads up, it takes forever to get a dsl line up and running. Has to be the fact that I spend my holidays in a non-first world country ;)
But am back online now, only took a week this time (compared to the unbelievable 4 weeks last holiday).

=> And while I was offline, the wonderful enchanted_jae posted a belated birthday ficlet for me. The prompt was "I thought you quit, Potter". It's absolutely wonderful, because complicated H/D relationship just are.
You should all go and read it :)

=> Also, there's a new, absolutely lovely interview out at DM with moonflower_rose

=> Why is everyone on the friendslist having RL issues? It makes me sad *clings to fandom*
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meme Q&A - come play with me

Continued this meme from rubytuesday5681

Here is how it works:
You reply to this post with a random statement about yourself, anything goes. I then ask you 5 random questions, one in connection to your statement. You then post the answers to your questions in your IJ / LJ with the invitation for others to join in the meme.

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Oh god, I went to Youtube. It got you some recs, though.

Some of you might have noticed I have these (mostly short lived) obsessions.


Right now it's Jason Isaacs/Lucius Malfoy. One of the few blue-eyed guys that appeal to me. Then again, the man's voice has the ability to make me weak in the knees.

And because his interviews make me gigglessnort like nothing else, check you these:
Jason Isaacs and Orlando Bloom Interview with hilarious results (if you have no time, watch at least this one)

Lucius' costume: bit of an S/M thing.

There is a sadist inside all of us, just waiting to get out. - Interview with a takeout form The Patriot. They call it scary. I practically died.

Peter Pan Interview improvisation - Gah, the voice!

Lucius/Harry. Sorry, luv.  Because this clip will never get old.

For those of you with time on your hands and in need of a laugh:
It's OK to be GAY   And funny to boot.

Which Hogwarts Boy Is Gay? *chokes* perfect choice of song imao

Harry Potter as an anime. I'd certainly watch it.
HP anime 1

HP anime 2

Also, on a complete side-note: is Gary Oldman high in every single HP interview or what? Just sayin'.
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Might as well try cross-posting this to my IJ account.

LJ speaks again

OK lovelies,

I have made my decision (if I dare call it that). Due to its popularity amongst fandom and it's detachment from LJ, you can find me on InsaneJournal: smokity. And that nifty Fake LJ-User Tag Generator is pretty awesome for multiple journal postings without retyping it every time.
If you have an IJ account, please friend me (because I have lost track of who made journals where) and I'll add you back, though be warned that the entries will -for now- be identical to the LJ ones. I have yet to get around to searching for people, my mind is exploding with Dreaded Things To Do already.

Once a new fandom blogging site is up that I like, I will probably move there permanently. But only time will tell.

I'm still far from happy with LJ and I will not renew my paid account, but I will most probably keep my journal for various reasons, all pretty selfish. My GreatestJournal account will stay dormant, as it follows the same rules as LJ and it would thus be redundant to post the same thing there. I'm still deciding about JournalFen, which I like (no under 18 has to count for something) but can't really be bothered with all these bloody accounts.

Also, I made journals for Darkest Magic while the name was still available: on IJ: darkestmagic . I'm posting this link only in my own journal for now, as I have yet to muster the strength to even look at those blearily blank pages.

♥ to all.
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I fail at the internetz.

*headdesk* I posted this on the 6th of August. Under the 'private' setting. Clever me, no? Here goes:


I updated Darkest Magic. Yep, that's right. Plus shiny new server, private hosting and all.

I'm still a bit speechless, but there you have it. After months and months, I'm beyond happy that the ball is finally rolling again :D

I wanted to gush about Loveless, which is the featured non-H/D slash couple for this OTM but I'm exhausted and need to drive to the airport this afternoon. Here's The All-Encompassing Loveless Guide that you can check out.

Loveless = ♥
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Next post will be about something else. Promise.

1. So, you will not renew your paid account under the current circumstances?
2. You have a free account but are unhappy with 6A/LJ services?
3. Bought a permanent account and think 6A/LJ are being utterly ridiculous?

Check out pay_no_more, where accounts are being counted concerning payments to 6A/LJ. Even free account holders have a comment page, so please check it out!

Also a very interesting entry about important links relating to this recent Bold-Out

Now, I'm off to read some porn.
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The epic fail of LJ - now reaching cracktastic proportions

OK, so I'm scanning the comments about the recent bullshit LJ is producing Illegal and Harmful Content Policy Clarifications.

My emotions ranged from disbelieve, and went via anger right through to utter OMGWTFBBQ? If LJ honestly thinks they can continue with this utter ridiculousness, I'm leaving for good. Not just having a mirror Journal, but deleting this one (and all others I own), because there is no chance that I will be supporting this behaviour. The moment the right alternative comes along, I'll have a decision to make (in that regard, keep an eye on scribblit.com. For more info read recent entries here: twocorpses)

For a very interesting 'summary': here's a link to questions answered by LJ compiled from that post. Beware the utter confusion, though.

I regret more than ever that I got a paid account. It will definitely not be renewed under the current circumstances. Unfortunately, anyone still using a 'sponsored account' is helping them. They will keep up this insanity, as a few users leaving is probably still covered by the ads :/

Actually the more you read about it, the more cracktastic it all becomes.

ETA: You can now request a JournalFen account here